Return of the Gadget Girl: Apple to Android


After over a year on an Apple product (iPad) supplied by an institutional initiative, I found myself exploring options for a new tablet. My primary question: should I go with another Apple item?

I found myself at a unique point in my gadget driven life, I had none. My institutional change led to most of my tech items sticking with the previous institution and my work at home being driven by a clunky, much forgotten laptop with, get this, Vista. 

I really missed having a tablet.

After exploring a few options, I made one of my famous pro/con lists. My family may mock me for their continued use, but it is something that remains helpful to me especially as I face bigger decisions.
The apps are strong, the resources for the classroom are excellent, and I was already familiar with the iPad. However, I never had an iPhone and had lived in the Blackberry world since smartphones came on the scene, but my phone was on its last leg. All signs were pointing to a change–but did I want to make a full commitment and dive into a life of Apple products or was it time for a shift?

As I explored what I loved about the iPad and what I wanted, I realized I wanted something that could produce a bit more work–the only way I could do that, would be to focus on storage and accessibility. I could continue working with the cloud or consider items that might allow me to connect beyond the cloud. Were there tablets that could serve the same function as my trusty, and returned to my previous institution, netbook? Is it possible to kill two birds with one stone?

As much as I love the iPad, it simply pushed me deeper than I wanted to go into the Apple world to maximize its use. I did not want an iPhone. What was a gadget-girl to do?

I looked at several options, including Lenovo IdeaTab, iPad, the Microsoft Surface, and kept returning to the Asus Transformer. It had removable storage options – a HUGE pro on my pro/con list. It also allowed a connection through USB and SDcards along with a focus on very similar capabilities as the iPad. The Transformer is an Android device and most of the apps available from Apple are easily available through Android.

In the end, I determined that I would take a risk and make a change — I went all out into the Android world! I got the Galaxy sIII and the Asus Transformer tf700T and it has been a transition where I learn the processes of another system.

Granted, I miss a few items, including my favorite app for class, The Attendance App, which is not yet available for Android and some of my nephew’s favorite games, but I found the transition very easy overall. 

Some of my favorite things about the transition to the Asus Transformer tablet include:

  • Connecting everything with my Google account.
  • Attaching my huge 500 Gig hard drive and taking EVERYTHING with me wherever I go.
  • Most of the apps that I love are available, including YouSeeU, my favorite social media options, the amazing Astrid, and my news sources.
  • Just swapping out the SD card to share pictures, videos, and files with other devices makes me smile. So easy!
  • Though I loved the iPad, I must admit the keyboard option is much better with the Transformer than with the iPad. I had a great blue-tooth keyboard from Brookstone for the iPad, but the Transformer’s easy click into place keyboard is amazing and it pushes my battery life to amazing levels.

Apple to Android can be a slight challenge, but overall, I am excited by this change and look forward to exploring more opportunities. What are your thoughts? Have you had to transition systems? Share!

Author of article – Lora Helvie-Mason


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