New Semester Energy


Is there anything quite like that energy that magically bubbles up before the start of a new semester. No matter how fatigued I am from the previous term, the “new semester” energy seems to arrive just when I need it.

This semester, it happened after the strangest moment. I have my course prep done and was thinking about new approaches to a variety of lessons to “snazz” them up. Then, I came across an article about “Fake News” on NPR. While the information should have been depressing, it gave me some great ideas for teaching my somewhat hum-drum content on evidence and critical exploration of sources. And then that whoosh of energy swept in and I found myself instantly rejuvenated and looking forward to a new semester.

Sometimes, that is all it takes. A new text, a new approach, or revamping tired material to tap into the magical source of energy. This energy propels the part of us that loves teaching, that can’t wait for the students to get engaged, and that strives to find in-roads to connect their content with their world.

I’m embracing my new semester energy and won’t question the magic of it–I’m just going to be grateful and excited it swept in, again.

Author of article – Lora Helvie-Mason


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