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It is July?!?!

As always, I deluded myself into thinking the ever-present list of items to tackle could be handled in the magical (but oh-so-misleading) freedom of summer. Not surprisingly based on my previous posts, I have again somehow forgotten that I teach two summer sessions, take a class on a study abroad trip, maintain a consistent meeting schedule, have grants and assessment projects due, have two research projects due, and must prep my newly assigned (and with new texts, ugh!) courses for fall. 

As a way to avoid squandering the meager weeks of summer that remain, I am clearly mapping priorities. My final summer class ends tomorrow. This produces an eerie sort of dread because I have used my 8am class to fuel my energy this summer (I have a fabulous group of students), but also fills me with a confusing glee (I will be done with the class and therefore gain two hours a day of my schedule back). As always, #facultylife continues with its strange dirge where emotions push and pull simultaneously. 

I’m revisiting my “make the most of your summer” blog from 2013 while reassessing some goals — I’ve also reminded myself that this over-planning of “off” time is part of my (apparently never-ending) cycle of self-delusion (see also “Over the break…“) that I must accept, especially when working as a split position. 
With all of this in mind, I’m spending a lot of time reflecting, writing, and exploring my work world, as indicated in my recent post, “shedding light“, I am really honed in on honest internal conversations about myself, my work, and the ebb and flow of my energy. 

So bring it on, July. I can take it.

Author of article – Lora Helvie-Mason


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